2016: CONCENTRICITY, Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

2016: CONCENTRICITY, Indigo Gallery, Buffalo, New York.

2015: HERCULANEUM, outdoor vitrine for the Hamilton Supercrawl, Hamilton Ont.

2013: FROM LIGHT TO DARK, Khyber Centre for the Arts, Halifax.

2013: MUSIC BOX, Nuit Blanche, Parade, curated by Patrick Macaulay, Toronto.

2012: SHADOW OF THE VAMPYRE, York Quay Gallery, Toronto.

2012: VANISHING HOUSE The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ont.

2012: BIG JOHN AND OTHER SMALL WORKS, Indigo Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

2011: COLD WAR, Young Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

2011: FROM LIGHT TO DARK, Katharine Mulherin Gallery, Toronto.

2010: THE END, Beyond/In Western New York, Buffalo. NY.

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2008: BLACK&WHITE, Katharine Mulherin Gallery, Toronto.

2006: SMOKE AND CLOUD, Archive Gallery, Toronto.

2003: COLD WAR, Cambridge Library and Museums, Cambridge, Ont.

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1998: JOHN DICKSON, Mercer Union, Toronto.

1997: TEN SMALL NAUTICAL DISASTERS, Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto.

1996: RISE AND FALL, MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, Ont., Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Plug-In Inc., Winnipeg Manitoba.

1994: HALO, Garnet Press Gallery, Toronto.



2016: IN/FUTURE, curated by Art Spin, Ontario Place, Toronto.

2015: HUMAN NATURE, curated by Corrina Ghaznavi, Carleton Univ. Art Gallery, Ottawa, College Art Galleries, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.

2014: DISSOLVING HOUSES, Eco-Art-Fest, curated by No.9, Toronto.

2014: SUBTERRANEAN, Nethermind, Toronto.

2013: IMAGING DISASTER, curated by Cassandra Getty and Adam Lauder, Museum London, London, Ont.

2013: EASY COME, EASY GO, Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, Ont. 

2013: NETHERMIND, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Waterloo, Ont.

2012: MIRABILIA, NetherMind, St. Anne's Church, Toronto, Ont.

2010: DROWNING ORPHELIA, Gallery Stratford, Stratford, Ont.

2009: UNNATURAL SELECTION, KMLA, Los Angeles, California.

2009: PERSONA VOLARE EXPO, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ont.

2008: LEAVING DEEP WATER, Saw Gallery, Ottawa.

2007: THE GRANITE CLUB, The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, Ont.

2007: THE ROAD NORTH/THE ROAD SOUTH, York Quay Gallery, Toronto.

2006: NATURE IN THE GARAGE, Fort York, Toronto.

2006: hic, Hart House, University of Toronto.

2005: CANADIAN CLUB, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris.

2005: LOCATING, The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst.


2003: PERSONA CANTARE, Persona Volare project, Toronto.

2003: MORTAL COIL, Gallery Stratford.

2002: SEAWORTHY, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto.

2002: THREE TOWNS ON A RIVER, Durham, Ont.

2001: POOL, York Quay Gallery, Toronto.

2001: MUSEOPATHY, Kingston Marine Museum, Kingston, Ont.

2000: PERSONA VOLARE, Persona Volare project, Toronto.

1996: CONTAINER 96, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1995: NETHER MIND, Toronto.

1995: HERMIT IV-THE MERIDIAN CROSSINGS, Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic.

1994: HYDROPHOBIA, Optica, Montreal, Que.

1994: NAKED STATE, Power Plant, Toronto.

1994: DUKE-U-MENTA, Duke of Connaught Tavern, Toronto.



1989: Master of Fine Art, York University, Toronto.

1986: Honours Bachelor of Fine Art, Queen’s University Kingston.



2016: Ontario Arts Council Project Grant.

2013: Ontario Arts Council Project Grant.

2012: Canada Council and Toronto Arts Council Project Grants.

2010: Ontario Arts Council project Grant.

2009: Canada Council Project Grant.

2008: Ontario Arts Council Project Grant.

2007: Canada Council and Toronto Arts Council Project Grants.

2005: Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council Project Grants.

2004: Canada Council B-grant.

2003: Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council Project Grants.

2002: Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts, Canada Council B, Toronto Arts Council Project Grants.



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Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ont.

West Toronto Railpath art component, Toronto, Ont.  FRONTIER (2009) - recipient of 2011 Toronto Urban Design Award of excellence




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